Thesis 030414

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Thesis 030414

To what extent are Canadians willing to allow corporate interests to supercede those of the individual? Also, should they choose to oppose surveillance, what legal protections do Canadian employees have?

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The following report addresses these questions by exploring the right to privacy, including the rationale for and against workplace monitoring, noting the situations in which employee and employer interests come in to conflict, examining the relevant legislation in Canada and abroad as well as discussing instances in which court decisions have either strengthened or weakened employee rights.

The report concludes by identifying some of the problems that must be solved before Canadian employees will see any true privacy protections. Canadian workplace privacy legislation is weak, at best.

There are two main Acts that have been adopted in order to clarify this situation, and define the ways in which privacy is legally protected: However, these laws do not cover information collected by employers about non-federally regulated private sector employees.

In fact, with the exception of workers in B. This fact affects more than just the employee who is attempting to avoid completing his or her tasks. This report describes the ways in which comprehensive workplace monitoring leads to increases in employee stress and depression, decreased productivity, and a general sense of employees as machines, rather than humans.

Thesis 030414

Pre-employment screening, random drug tests, regular medical examinations, continuous electronic monitoring and periodic off-duty surveillance all lead to a state in which the employee becomes dehumanized, as he or she is constantly monitored for defects and marked for corrective measures.

Employers, however, argue that this level of scrutiny is necessary and justified, as they have an equal right to protect their assets, as well as measuring workplace activity in order to ensure that employees earn their salaries. Companies also note that in order to protect themselves from liability, they must prove that every effort has been made to create a workplace free from violence and harassment, which is best achieved through programs of surveillance.

The use of closed-circuit television CCTVor surveillance cameras, is workplace situation that is most frequently seen by the Commissioner. This seems a fair situation for both employee and employer; it is hoped that it will become a model for other, less defined situations, such as mail opening, keystroke monitoring, off-duty surveillance and drug testing, all of which are discussed in the report.

Though solving these problems will not be sufficient to resolve the workplace privacy crisis, such solutions will be necessary conditions for a positive outcome. Strong workplace privacy protection can be beneficial for all parties.


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