Settling a new world essay

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Settling a new world essay

This map shows the areas claimed by these European countries.

European Exploration and Settlement in the New World

Most modern American citizens consider Great Britain to be their European "parent" country. However, by the time British arrived in the New World and established their first permanent settlement at Jamestown inmuch of the continent had already been claimed by other European nations.

All of the modern Southwest, including Texas and California, had been peopled by Spanish settlers for about a century. The entire expanse of land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains had at one point been claimed by France.

Many factors contributed to Britain's tardiness. England was not the most powerful European nation in the 16th century. Spain was most influential. France, the Netherlands, and Sweden all showed greater interest in the Western Hemisphere than England did.

Settling a new world essay

Late Expectations One of England's most adventurous sea captains, Sir Walter Raleigh was granted a charter in to seek out new lands. A voyage by John Cabot on behalf of English investors in failed to spark any great interest in the New World.

England was divided in the s by great religious turmoil. Finally, under Henry's daughter Elizabeth, the English were prepared to stake their claims. Although England was an island and therefore a seafaring nation, Spain was the undisputed superpower of the seas in the 16th century.

Many of England's adventurous sea captains found that plundering Spanish ships was a far simpler means of acquiring wealth than establishing colonies. Sea dogs Sea dogs were English mariners of the Elizabethan era employed by the queen to harass the Spanish fleets and establish a foothold in the New World.

These sea captains possessed exceptional maritime and military skills as well as a burning desire for capturing Spanish treasure. Philip was certain that his great fleet of ships would put an end to England's piracy.

Inone of the greatest turning points in world history occurred when Spain's "invincible" armada of ships sailed into the English Channel.

Despite their numerical inferiority, the English ships were faster and easier to maneuver than the Spanish fleet. With the aid of a great storm, Elizabeth's ships humiliated Philip's navy, which returned to Spain with fewer than half their original number.

This battle marked the beginning of the end of Spain's domination of Europe and the Western Hemisphere. More importantly for England, it marked the dawn of the era of permanent English settlement of the New World.Free Essay: During the 17th century, many nations started settling all throughout North America.

Difference between the Spanish Settlement of the Southwest and the English Colonies of New England in the 17th Century. such as Vasco Nunuez de Balboa and Herman Cortes of the Spanish empire first started to make their way into the New World.

Settling the West

Motivations to Settle in the American Colonies Sailing across the Atlantic to access all the possibilities for religious, social, economic and political liberty, promoted by the colonies, had its risks. These risks seemed insignificant compared to the aspirations of a more hopeful and liberal life.

Even though some colonies showed economic potential, they still used [ ]. Essay on Settling a New World Words | 5 Pages The very survival of the early settlers to the New World would depend much upon .

Parra 1 Marcela Parra Professor Sordo LAH February 3, Native Indians versus Spanish Crown The Spanish began settling in the New World and quickly began to establish settlements, but it is important to understand what the Europeans created and established in these new territories to organize labor and colonize.

New England Colonies Certainly what those early colonists wanted was the freedom to worship God as they deemed proper, but they did not extend that freedom to everyone.

Those who expressed a different approach to religious worship were not welcome. The Three Colonial Regions The thirteen colonies were British colonies in North America founded between and The colonists who came to the New World were not alike, they came from a variety of different social and religious groups who settled in different locations along the Atlantic coast.

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