Sen vicente yap sotto the protector

In fact, he continues to juggle both worlds. On Thursday, April 20, Sotto discussed his politics amid the noise and revelry in the backstage of the Eat Bulaga! The collision of the two earned him the monicker Tito Sen, a conjugation of his nickname and his title as senator.

Sen vicente yap sotto the protector

Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people! SC spokesperson Theodore Te confirmed the news. Reading the decision penned by Associate Justice Estela Perlas-Bernabe, he said the following have been declared unconstitutional, among others: She is now booked in Camp Crame.

Filipinos held the Million People March in Luneta and in other parts of the Philippines, also abroad. Ex-CJ Corona was booed when he showed up in Luneta. It was a peaceful event attended by more or less 60, people. The Senate holds its hearing on the pork barrel scam.

The COA Chief was invited as resource person. August 29 Keep our fingers crossed that the wheel of justice will roll smoothly and let this mark the beginning of the end of corruption in the Philippines! Let's hope for the best!

Kudos to all the Anonymous persons who brought these informations out in the open. Yes, most of these informations are unverified so it's up to you, readers, to separate the chaff from the wheat.

It may look like high-tech online rumormongering to some but isn't it that where there's smoke, there's fire? I sincerely hope the proper authorities, be it the DOJ, the Ombudsman, the Congress, or even the Senate, will conduct their own investigation to serve justice to the people or to the Napoleses.

These issue should not end in blogs or online discussions. We, the Filipino people, deserve to know the truth. Let Lady Justice speak.

Janet Napoles rubbing elbows with local politicians implicated in Pork Barrel Scam. As curious as a cat, I clicked the accompanying photo above and read the blog first, written by MommyJ. What took me by surprise are the various comments from Anonymous which are like bombs that shattered my peace.

I am not pretty sure whether Anonymous the first one who fanned the flame is the same person who revealed classified information all throughout MommyJ's blog. For convenience, let me treat Anonymous as one and the same.

Anonymous' first comment Tagalog version here: Emilia is the one that keep Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO is approved and to which senator or congressman. I was surprised when I read somewhere online when Honasan was interviewed and he said that he doesnt know the Napoles family.

Jimmy is operating the. Jimmy survived and was jailed along with Honasan. If you can get clear photos of Jimmy Napoles online, you will see that part of his face and his arms show burn marks.

Sen vicente yap sotto the protector

Soon enough, they were able to develop deep connections with more legislators in congress and numerous senators. Then, there will be a public bidding to be held by DAR. The money are stored in plastic bags or paper bags. This is their workflow. This is what they do for more than a decade.

This is how the senators and congressmen make money. This is why theses politicians have so much and working class filipinos almost have nothing.

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The greediness of the senators and congressmen are the driving point that keeps this system operating. I fear for the life of Benhur and Merlina as whistleblowers. Soon enough they will die. The people of the philippines should protect them.

NBI or the witness protection program cannot do anything about it.Sotto chose to take his oath of office before Corona in July Age: Education: AB English, Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Senate committee: Senate Majority Leader, Chairperson of the Committee on Rules (As chairman of the Committee on Rules, Sotto helped finalize the rules for the impeachment trial.

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The Official Website of the Cebu City Government, provides profiles of elected officials, details on municipal services, job openings, and latest updates on the activities of the city. DON VICENTE YAP SOTTO: Ang Suga sa mga Sugbu-anon - Cebu City Government.

The names of Gomez and the three other politicians were brought up when Senate Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III asked Laraga why the CIDG had to apply for a search warrants against the slain mayor from a court in Basey, Samar, and not from Leyte during the joint investigation of the Senate committees on Public Order and Dangerous.

Here are 10 interesting things about Cebu you probably didn’t know that will blow your mind. Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III had asked why the team had to get the search warrants from Samar rather than Leyte, where there are many regional trial courts.

Espinosa killing ‘premeditated’ “There’s one word to describe this: premeditated,” said Sen. Panfilo Lacson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, in an inquiry on Thursday.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd was also convinced the killing of Espinosa was planned and there was a need.

Espinosa killing ‘premeditated’ | The Manila Times Online