Second chances

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Second chances

The Enterprise is orbiting Nervala IV and waiting for an opportunity to retrieve scientific data left there by Starfleet researchers when they were forced to evacuate eight years ago. He hesitantly grants her request when she insists, and just as he is about to start, Lieutenant commander Data calls him to the bridge.

Relieved, Riker goes to the bridge, where Data informs him Second chances they will be able to transport down to the surface soon to get to the science outpost due to the use of the transport logs of the USS Potemkin which had last been there. According to Data, they only have about 26 minutes to beam down to the planet and retrieve the Second chances.

Riker decides to go in ahead of schedule. When Riker, WorfData and an engineer beam down to the outpost they realize that someone must have been down there. He says that eight years ago he led a team to evacuate this station.

He did not return to the Potemkin like the others because he was the last one out and the distortion field must have interfered with the transport. He asks them to check with Starfleet to confirm that he was lost that day. Commander Riker, however, tells him that this is not what had happened.

He says that in fact he himself was the last one out and that he made it back to the Potemkin.

Second Chances | Donate clothing In week 9, Daniel fell below the red line, and as a result, was automatically eliminated. Episode summaries[ edit ] This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.
Restoring hope to broken lives Second Chances is the fifty-first episode of Slugterra and the fifth episode of season three.

He wants Doctor Crusher to check him out to verify his identity. In sickbayCrusher informs the captain that geneticallythis man is indistinguishable from Commander Riker. Since there is no evidence of genetic drift, she excludes cloning as a possible explanation.

She even compares their brain scans, for brain organization patterns are as unique as fingerprints, and with only a few minor differences, she claims that they are identical. She states that brain patterns cannot be cloned either, because they are determined by experience — mostly from early childhood.

Captain Picard wonders how two grown men can share the same childhood experiences. The second Will Riker responds by insisting that he in fact is William Riker. Picard informs him that his chief engineer is checking the transporter logs of the Potemkin with the hope that it will shed some light onto the matter.

After examining the transporter logs, Geordi La Forge informs the crew that apparently there was a massive energy surge in the distortion field around the planet just at the moment Riker tried to beam out.

The transporter chief at that time tried to compensate by initiating a second containment beam. And even though the second beam was shut down, somehow it was reflected back to the surface, and another William Riker materialized there.

The containment beam must have had the exact same phase differential as the distortion field — hence the two identical Rikers — they both rematerialized from a complete pattern and are identical. The only difference between them, as Picard notes, is that they led very different lives for the past eight years and thus are very different people.

Riker feel comfortable and welcome. Commander Riker points out that they still have the problem of retrieving the database. Riker to facilitate his survival and they do not know what he did and what he changed. Picard suggests that maybe he could help them, but Dr.Kill Archbishop Landgren and then summon Arete's Gate in the presence of his corpse.

Speak with Lord-Commander Arete inside The Crimson Cathedral once he's completed his questioning of the archbishop's spirit. Foster. Adopt. Educate. At Second Chance, we make families.

Second chances

Founded in , we are the largest animal rescue group in mid-Missouri. With just two staff members and more than volunteers, we play matchmaker to more than animals each year. In the Rose Bowl, Georgia Tech went against UCLA.

It was a terrific football game. A player for UCLA by the name of Roy Riegels recovered a fumble. Second Chances SA is a non-profit volunteer organisation committed to restoring hope in the lives of prisoners, their families and their communities across South Australia..

Our programs are custom-designed to equip prisoners, their children and whole families to create better futures for themselves. Welcome to Second Chance! It takes a lot of courage to walk in the door of a substance abuse treatment center.

Whether you have already made the decision or you are still thinking it over, we want to help you any way we can. Welcome to the Website for the Second Chances Community Band Program of Nova Scotia Halifax (Spryfield), Nova Scotia, CANADA.

If you would like to know more about the Second Chances Community Band Program of Nova Scotia, please check out the About Us menu at the top of our site.

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