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Pma report

Does the bible teach positive confession and positive thinking? That philosophy has made its way into the church and affected the way certain portions of the Bible are interpreted, and has even altered our very outlook on life.

Many prominent leaders in Christianity have embraced what is known as the Word of Faith movement. This article does not seek to refute the teachings of that movement, since this has been ably Pma report elsewhere. Rather it examines the scriptures that allegedly promote positive thinking and seeks to determine whether the Bible really endorses positive thinking and positive confession.

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There are various forms in which positive confession manifests. You may have heard about " name it and claim it", "confess it and possess it", and even "blab it and grab it". Rhyming will never make false doctrine true.

This article investigates all the scriptures that supposedly teach positive thinking. I have another article that addresses the most recent version of positive confession - decree and declarewhich you may wish to check out.

Mind and Tongue First let it be said that the Bible has a lot to say about the mind and tongue. The tongue is one of the most difficult members of the body to control. The mind is critical in that it is never disengaged from our actions.

We are influenced by what we see and hear since these things are stored somewhere in our brains. When we entertain certain thoughts, our emotions develop an affinity toward them, and finally our volition is convinced that a relevant course of action is needed.

This is the process of human decision making. So if we can renew our minds Rom. Positive thinking however goes beyond this. It teaches that there is a creative aura associated with our thoughts and words. What we think and confess can even change our circumstances, bring prosperity and healing.

Practices such as yoga and TM are thought to bring us into the mental state where we can realize our full power and potential. Quite frankly, New Agers can believe whatever they want. I am more interested in what the Bible says. We will analyze those scriptures that allegedly teach positive thinking and demonstrate that, properly interpreted, the Bible does no such thing.

Key Scriptures On the surface, certain scriptures can appear to promote positive thinking if viewed from the perspective of a 20th or 21st century culture which has been influenced by the New Age Movement.

I will repeatedly ask "what is the meaning originally intended by the authors of the Bible? It is important to be aware of what our biases are.

This obviously affects how we read the bible. But because we see the Bible a certain way, that does not make us right. Because Paul's epistles were hard to understand, unstable men had twisted those scriptures 2 Peter 3: Essentially this means that not every interpretation of the scriptures is correct.

Because you think it means something, does not mean that is the correct meaning. The correct meaning is the one originally intended by the authors.

Pma report

Language is a tool used to communicate ideas. It is well known that words and expressions change meaning over time and culture. It is almost as if they are conditioned to read the Bible this way. With that said, let us consider a few scriptures.

This is the most commonly used scripture to teach positive confession. The modern interpretation is that we don't have to pray for mountains to be moved, we just need to speak to our circumstances.

Thus the emphasis is not on speaking but on trusting God. The message here is that by trusting God, we can overcome any hurdle mountain in our Christian life. Jesus never intended Mark It was the essence of his message that was important. Consider the following hypothetical anecdote.Energy Newswatch covers the electric and gas utility sectors, the oil industry, as well as coal, nuclear and renewable energy.

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