Iphone marketing orientation

Reddit Immediately after college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in Aprilthe duo initially sold some circuit boards that they produced inside an unused garage. They subsequently introduced the 8-bit fully functional home computer Apple II in and it eventually became one of the first highly successful commercially produced microcomputers in the market. But the company did not rest alone with designing and manufacturing computers.

Iphone marketing orientation

This concept usually not based on actual demand of consumers for providing specific product, it depends on business strategy and its products that theoretically will be accepted by consumers because of good quality, performance and any creativity futures. This concept is not effective and might fail in more cases, because in current industry, because of availability of too many products, the final decision always refers to consumers for selecting their favor product.

Production Concept This concept based on producing inexpensive products via mass production technique, in the context of this concept it can be seen that consumers always accepting low price products so that the company try to make good mass production and distribution system with minimum cost.

In regard to mass production benefits, but economic values of products and availability does not provide full motivation factors to force consumers to select those products, then, this concept might fail if the product not satisfying consumers.

Selling Concept Under this concept, the organization tries to sell all products without considering demand; it uses promotions for making good sell via advertisements for their products. Usually, promotion helps consumer to understand the benefit of products and then buying, there will be two possible scenarios: This concept is near to right in applying promotion but still not considering customers before making products.

This concept is very effective because it tries to create well customer-response culture in whole organization that whole organization working to improve everything to make trusts with customers and then being populated in the industry. Applying this concept require more efforts because keeping customers require continues improvements of old products and also, developing new products.

Societal marketing concept This concept is same as marketing concept except that marketing concept ignores or not considering social factors while this concept considering social factors for improving society. Products and services after long period influences on culture and whole society, for example: I can also see that iPad is created under societal marketing concept because of its ability to read e-Books and writing notes or even long text with easier functionalities that satisfy users and also improves society.

Reccia Charles Marketing Basics [Online].Apple iPhone ads are in fact paid for by a network operators who want to advertise that they sell the iPhone.

Iphone marketing orientation

I believe Apple takes on a more product orientation approach as opposed to market orientation. This is because of their highly sophisticated, innovative products that have received such good responses over the past few years.

Marketing orientation is a strategy employed by a business to better position itself to meet customers’ needs. Each of the four stages involved in this process allows the business to evaluate. Oct 11,  · A Long-standing Discourse on Apple’s Orientation: Product or Market Oriented?

Apple Inc. an American corporation located in Cupertino, California was founded by Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak on April 1, Marketing orientation customizes the product to be as per customer needs and wants (Anonymous, n.d.).

It is also known as consumer focus. There are three steps to becoming marketing oriented. The unique marketing and advertising situation of the iPhone Despite its record-breaking sales performance and a high level of popularity, there are no extensive marketing strategy for the iPhone apart from product and pricing strategies and publicities coursed through tradeshows and media relations.

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