Gay conversion therapy rough draft

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Gay conversion therapy rough draft

Abortion[ edit ] LePage opposes abortion. He proposed eliminating all funding for the act in his — biennial budget [42] and stated his opposition to a proposal to reform the act by increasing the amount of money that would be distributed.

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He calls such aid "welfare for politicians" [43] and a "scam," saying that "Our democracy is being corrupted by the role of big money in politics. He stated this view regarding the case of Ethan Henderson, a week-old baby who was allegedly killed by his father.

Maine abolished the death penalty in Current law only allows the removal of children due to neglect and abuse, which can result from drug use, but is not drug use itself. The Maine Legislature approved six additional agents, two prosecutors, and two judges in the —16 state budget, but LePage criticized that as "chump change" and has asked for more.

He has criticized legislative Democrats skeptical of his proposals, stating "If I didn't know better, I was a real cynic, I'd think that the Democrats like drug dealers.

He further called for drug traffickers to be put in "super-max" facilities.

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He has stated that curriculum should be determined by local school boards. On September 4, he issued an executive order prohibiting the Maine Department of Education from implementing any federal education standards, from applying for grants where implementing such standards is a condition of the grant, and from sharing personal student information with the federal government.

LePage met with Somali immigrants in Lewiston to make the announcement, and discussed other difficulties immigrants had in obtaining education and employment, which LePage related to given his life with French as his first language.

He believes that government policies should consider the effect of greenhouse gasesbut opposes regulation, saying he is not convinced that greenhouse gases from human activities are a significant contributor to climate change.

In a statement LePage said, "Job creation and investment opportunities are being lost because we do not have a fair balance between our economic interests and the need to protect the environment. Speaking at a transportation conference in he said that he believed that the opening of the Northern Passage could have an advantage for Maine.

So maybe, instead of being at the end of the pipeline, we're now at the beginning of a new pipeline.

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Upon the United States Supreme Court 's ruling upholding the majority of the act, LePage stated that the law was an "enormous tax" and that "Washington, D.

He believes that MaineCare, the state Medicaid program, has too many enrollees and is too easy to qualify for.

Gay conversion therapy rough draft

The Open Door Recovery Center provides treatment for clients regardless of their ability to pay. Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDAnaloxone was formulated to be used for opioid drug overdoses, and for people who have life-threatening drug interactions.

Speaking in a statement at the announcement of the approval, the FDA commissioner said that drug overdose deaths are the leading cause of injury death in the United States, largely due to prescription drug overdoses. LePage vetoed a similar bill in I think we need to deal with the bigger, basic problem of drug addiction, drug trafficking and drug abuse in the state.

That's all I'm interested in. He does support the state recognizing only civil unions of all couples, believing it would give everyone the same legal standing. In October he stated that gay marriage should be left to the voters and that he had no personal views on the matter, though he would have vetoed a same-sex marriage bill if it reached his desk.

As governor, I would never allow that to be signed into law. He has stated that his goal is to do so before the end of his second term, and he has proposed a constitutional amendment to do so, though he expects the legislature to reject it. He also supports lifetime limits on welfare support, requiring recipients to perform work in the community, and a tiered payment system that gradually removes benefits as recipients earn more money working, rather than cutting them off entirely at a certain income level.

Proposals he favors include putting photos of cardholders on the card to prevent their sale by the holder, an idea that he proposed after hearing of several incidents where EBT cards turned up in drug busts. He also wants to better prohibit their use to purchase alcohol or cigarettes. He has stated that such fraud is a large problem and he will devote resources to investigating it and generating further proposals to combat it.

He has threatened to cut off all state reimbursement of such funds unless municipalities stop doing so, citing federal laws which don't allow welfare funds to go to illegal immigrants unless a state passes a law to specifically allow it.

Maine Attorney General Janet T. Mills has stated that the governor implementing such a policy without using the established rulemaking process or legislative action is likely against the Maine Constitution.

LePage responded to that criticism by stating he found it "inexcusable" that the state's top law enforcement official would advocate violating federal law, and adding that he believes Congress passing the federal laws in question meets the requirement for legislative involvement.

In a February town meeting he called asylum seekers "the biggest problem in our state". It is his opinion that "they're bringing hepatitis CtuberculosisAIDSHIV and the 'ziki fly'," apparently referring to the Zika virus which can be transmitted via sexual contact or blood transfusion.

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Gay conversion therapy rough draft

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