Finance course work 1

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Finance course work 1

Finance course work 1

Church Fund Raising How should churches raise funds and obtain financial income? What principles should guide Christians as they make donations and gifts to finance the work of the church?

What about tithing, bingo, raffles, bake sales? Should a church take up a collection on the first day of the week Sunday? How should members decide how much to donate for contributions and collections? What does the gospel of Jesus teach about church fund raising? Like most other organizations, churches need financial income to accomplish their work.

Knowing this, God has authorized churches to raise funds by taking up collections from the members 1 Cor. The purpose of this study is to examine what the Bible says about the Christian's responsibility to support the work of the local church financially.


Giving to finance the church is not the only kind of giving Christians should do, but it is the kind of giving we will focus on in this particular study. Please consider several Bible principles to help us determine if our giving harmonizes with God's will.

Some churches teach tithing or raise money by raffles, bingo, and bake sales. Other churches just expect members to donate to a collection on the first day of the week Sunday. What does the Bible teach about a Christian's church donations and contributions?

Israelites also gave free-will offerings, taxes, and other gifts to support the religious service and civil government Ex.

This means churches today have no right to require Christians to tithe. However, the Old Testament does teach us useful lessons 1 Cor.

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Why wouldn't this also be true today? Remember this as we study the New Testament.

Giving to Finance Church Work: Collections and Fund Raising

Some people are comparatively prosperous and should give more; others are comparatively poor and should give less. Taxes and other items are deducted from the paycheck. Also, many people have other prosperity: Remember that, as income increases, generally prosperity and ability also increase, so giving should increase.

Finance course work 1

Some folks continue to give the same amount they have for years, even though they have had several increases in income. See also 2 Cor. Bible principles of giving apply to Christians around the world and in every century, not just in modern America.

We may not be wealthy by our own standards but, compared to people in other societies, the average American Christian has great prosperity, great ability, and therefore great responsibility to give generously.

This constituted "fellowship" sharing in his work of preaching. Likewise today local churches need money so teachers can teach in assemblies and classes, gospel meetings, radio and TV, literature, etc.

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See also 1 Tim. See also 1 Cor. To the extent we are able, we should share in the church's work.Online homework and grading tools for instructors and students that reinforce student learning through practice and instant feedback.

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