Dissertation haiku

The Difference Between Haiku and Senryu The Difference Between Haiku and Senryu Inin Ogaki, Japan, I gave a presentation on the difference between haiku and senryu at the second Haiku Pacific Rim conference, complete with a handout of poems that I asked participants to categorize as either haiku or senryu. The poems were all from an issue of Frogpond in which the editor had assigned the poems to one category or the other. For my presentation, I adapted the following text, which first appeared in Haijinx 1:

Dissertation haiku

Strategically Disseminating The Dissertation This is the final article of a three-part series on dissertation dissemination and publishing for humanities and social science scholars. View part 1, on open access and dissertation embargoes, here. View part 2, on academic publishing and dissertation embargoes, here.

In a survey run by Dissertation Reviews, a majority of early career scholars out of respondents said that their intention to publish a book based on their dissertation factored into their decision about whether to release or embargo their thesis.

In a prior articleI debunked the fear that a widely accessible dissertation will significantly reduce the chances that a university press will publish Dissertation haiku revised version as a monograph.

Pointing out the lack of evidence for a link between embargoes and publishing does not answer the question, however: Perhaps because of the preoccupation with publishing, academics have devoted comparatively little attention to other arguments concerning dissertation embargoes.

There are good reasons for some graduate students to embargo their dissertations immediately upon deposit, and there are also a separate set of reasons for scholars to consider an embargo later on or even a full out takedown if those latter two are available options.

But there are also significant costs to embargoing a thesis. Many early career scholars experience tangible benefits from releasing their dissertation online, especially for the first several years directly following its completion. Rarely do we consider the benefits of putting a dissertation online and the potentially extensive downsides for an academic who holds back her work.

For nearly all scholars, putting the dissertation online or keeping it under lock and key will not single-handedly shore up or destroy the cornerstones of early academic success: Most graduate students in North America face the decision whether to embargo their thesis.


In what follows Dissertation haiku offer grounded information on which to make this choice, including giving due weight to the positive reasons for widespread sharing of dissertations.

While recognizing that there is great diversity, the best option for most humanities and social science scholars is to release their dissertation immediately upon completion both to ProQuest, where many academics can easily access it and find it when searching for scholarship on a particular topic, and also to an institutional repository or personal website, where the thesis becomes freely available to the world.

Most junior scholars think that putting their dissertation online is far more likely to harm than enhance their chances at landing a book deal. As I wrote about here, this fear is largely unfounded. In addition, there is evidence to suggest that an online dissertation may actually spur publisher interest.

InHarvard University Press published a blog post where they point out that their editors are constantly scouting for good ideas and talent—including dissertations—online. And so, to whatever extent open access to a dissertation increases the odds of its ideas being read and discussed more widely, I tend to think it increases the odds of my hearing about them.

For example, an associate professor of history at New York University wrote about how an editor at Johns Hopkins University Press sought her out and signed her book after reading her dissertation online. Major university presses run dozens of books series, many of which are edited by full-time scholars.

These scholars need to hear about new, innovative work if they are going to potentially include it in their series. For such purposes, it can be incredibly helpful if a dissertation is online, preferably discoverable in an open access forum. For scholars that bar access to their dissertations, it is difficult to gauge the opportunities they may have foreclosed.

Nonetheless, some academics who embargoed feel that they may have missed an opportunity to raise their scholarly profile. However, most of us have these ideals, and it is fair to consider them as a possible basis for action. Those academics who believe that scholarship should be freely available ought to consider that releasing their dissertation online is one of the best chances they are likely to have to practice that value.

Once a scholar publishes a book, unless it is a rare open access book, she will not be able to post a copy online. Book chapters will be subject to the rules of individual presses who are necessarily concerned with selling copies of the book.

The dissertation is a special thing: One group of scholars especially benefits from others releasing their dissertations on open access archives, rather than only on ProQuest and the like: Many of us, especially academics who work on the non-West, have colleagues in Asia, South America, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

These colleagues, unless they are at satellite campuses of Western institutions, are far less likely than academics based in North America or Europe to have access to ProQuest or another closed access database. They are also less likely to be able to acquire books published by a North American or European press.

Additionally, independent scholars who lack a formal affiliation generally do not have access to ProQuest archives. Many junior scholars who decide to embargo claim that they will send their thesis to anybody who asks for it, as if this openness was the equivalent of releasing the dissertation online.

The two activities are not comparable. There are cynics who will mutter that many online dissertations are little downloaded and read. If so, then there is no harm to releasing the thesis online. But, for many early career scholars, there are serious benefits to online dissemination, especially in an open access archive that leads to maximal exposure.

These prospective gains ought to feature more prominently in the consideration to enact a potentially deeply harmful dissertation embargo. The Case for Embargoing the Dissertation PhD candidates ought to carefully consider whether they have sufficient cause to embargo their dissertation given the possible costs of this course of action.A flat character is one that has only the bare minimum of characteristics necessary to play their role in the story.

It might be simpler to just have a look at Characters as Device, to cut through all the fog of lit-crit jargon around characterization.. Being flat is not automatically bad. The Starlite Cafe - Post your poetry. Get feedback.

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To Embargo or Not to Embargo? Strategically Disseminating The Dissertation. This is the final article of a three-part series on dissertation dissemination and publishing for humanities and social science scholars.

View part 1, on open access and dissertation embargoes, here. View part 2, on academic publishing and dissertation embargoes, here.

Dissertation haiku

This dissertation explores the interaction between academic prose and the effect of writing different text types, focusing on Japanese poetry, haiku.

Specifically, this intervention study focuses on a Japanese EFL university as this is the cultural context and investigates the integration of first language (L1) linguistic and cultural knowledge with .

Dissertation haiku

Mar 19,  · So remember back in the old-timey days when Dr. Beth and I had reported that our dissertation haiku had been published on the prestigious website known as Dissertation Haiku1? Well, I am proud to say that my second haiku has officially been published today!

W00t! Check it out here. The first haiku, for those who .

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