Disappearance of our planet

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Disappearance of our planet

But in a new book, two noted University of Washington astrobiologists say the planet already has begun the long process of devolving into a burned-out cinder, eventually to be swallowed by the sun. At noon — after 12 billion years — the ever-expanding sun, transformed into a red giant, will engulf the planet, melting away any evidence it ever existed and sending molecules and atoms that once were Earth floating off into space.

The book, a sort of biography of our planet, is being published today by Times Books, a division of Henry Holt and Co.

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They say that higher life will be removed much as it came into being, ecosystem by ecosystem. If the planet was cooling, we could, in principle, begin painting the surface black to collect more heat.


Could we afford it? And what would be the many possible ramifications of a planet suddenly covered in black paint?

Disappearance of our planet

Any planetary remediation project would always run the risk of making things worse. Those that can adapt will survive for a time, but eventually the oceans will warm too much for the complex life forms to continue.

As the sun gets hotter and grows in size, it will envelop Mercury and Venus. It is possible it will stop just short of Earth, the authors say, but the conditions still would make this a most-inhospitable planet. More likely, though, the sun will consume Earth as well, severing all the chemical bonds between molecules and sending its individual atoms out into space, perhaps eventually to form new planets.

That end is still some 7. The last dinosaur perished long ago. Still to come are the last elephant, the last tree, the last flower, the last glacier, the last snowflake, the last ocean, the last life.

The sun gave life and ultimately it will bring death.Planet X's orbit around our sun, as told to us by the Sumerians in their 7 tablets of creation. In this article we have discuss on how we have influenced our natural environment. Our natural environment has being eg; Polluted with the mount of rubbish we have dumped in our .

But the wildest mystery of them all has got to be the Harold Holt Disappearance – that time our actual Prime Minister just upped and vanished off the face of the planet.

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Many impacts of climate change have already been observed, including glacier . Venom is also an answer to the strange disappearance from our movies of the working-class hero—the everyman, are conducting science by human sacrifice in order to escape a planet they loathe.

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