Argument essay about plastic bags

The cashier mechanically spouts at you, "Paper or plastic? For some people, it's a stressful decision. However, it's raining, and if your paper bags break, it could ruin your purchases. On the other hand, is it selfish to put immediate convenience over the thousands of years it might take for a plastic bag to degrade in a landfill?

Argument essay about plastic bags

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Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Somewhere between billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. The alarming amount of plastic garbage that could be seen everywhere- plastic bags caught in trees, stuck in sewers, floating in rivers or drifting aimlessly through the wind, have caused various environmental organizations and local and national government units to keep a close eye on the issue.

At least 90 cities and towns in the Philippines have passed ordinances banning or regulating the use of plastic bags, with several more local government units LGUs poised to follow suit before the end of the year, according to EcoWaste Coalition. Plastic bags have been receiving such a bad press because of its negative impacts on the environment.

One of the disadvantages of using plastics bags is that it is very difficult to recycle. It takes a long process to be able to recycle plastic into a new form, and even then, the quality will not be as good as new Zaleski, It has also caused a lot of problems both in land and water.

Plastic bags that are thrown away improperly causes clogged sewers, which lead to flash floods in the metro and other towns, while those thrown in bodies of water cause unsightly piles of garbage in rivers, seas and oceans and destroy the coral reefs where most sea creatures live.

Moreover, these plastic bags could be ingested by sea creatures such as sea turtles and dolphins which would lead to poisoning and ultimately, death. However, the public should also be informed that plastic bags are not all that bad.

There are various benefits in using plastics in packing. For instance, using plastics for perishable food items such as meat and fish extends its shelf life. They are also more weather friendly compared to paper bags because it can withstand the rain. Plastic bags are also very reusable.

A single plastic bag can be reused at least a few more times for carrying items and it could also be used as trash bin liners Cagape, Plastic bags do not really contribute as much pollution to our environment as what the media would like us to believe.

In fact, compared to paper bags, they are much more eco-friendly.

Argument essay about plastic bags

This can be proven in the manufacturing process of plastic and paper bags. The production of plastic bags requires much less energy consumption and water than the production of paper bags.

Plastic bags are not really the problem here; it is how people throw them away that cause all these problems that the world facing today. The lack of discipline in observing proper waste management is the real enemy.

The different local government units, therefore, have to find a solution to this problem, and banning plastic bags is not one of them. A good alternative to the banning of plastic bags is by taxing bags purchased in establishments.

That way, people would be forced to reuse their plastic bags a number of times before disposing it.In Ireland imposed taxes for using plastic bags about EUR per bag that helped to reduce the usage of plastic bags by 90 r-bridal.coms, they gain 1 million dollar as a revenue.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Persuasive Essay Forget Paper AND Plastic Go Reusable! Most retailers use plastic bags. According to the research, somewhere between billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used each year throughout the world.

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These bags are made from petroleum and don’t readily decompose in a landfill. Instead, they break. Below are some of the 20+ reasons why plastic bags should be banned from our cities..

Plastic bags do not only pollute our water but also our r-bridal.comc bags are usually lightweight and as such, they can travel very long distances by either water or wind.

29 reasons not to ban plastic bags. In other words, plastic bags are the scourge of the Earth — not to mention the county landfill — but what the heck, the truth is these very same bags are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Thank you, Public Works, for making the argument for me. You embody the very definition of the phrase. Plastic bags are very harmful for the environment, and paper bags even more so.

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The best alternative is a reusable bag, which can save . Paper or plastic?”Perhaps one of the most commonly questions in the past, is now rarely heard by consumers. Four out of five grocery bags in the US are now plastic ( However, the answer should not be merely plastic, the real answer is r-bridal.comc bags are very harmful for the environment, and paper bags even more so.

The best alternative is a reusable bag, which can.

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